about us

We started Pantera Farm with the notion that even incremental changes to the system through which we obtain and consume our food can lead to significant improvements in the freshness, quality and sustainability of the things we eat and feed our family.  Local farms and the farm-to-table movement have vastly increased the access urban consumers have to fresh produce, pastured meat, humanely harvested eggs and a wide variety of other local food.  We at Pantera Farm seek to kick that movement forward by engaging directly with our customers where they live.  We know that many people are intimidated by the concept of growing their own food.  It can often be frustrating and time-consuming.  We agree.


The model and goal is simple - use the Micro Urban Farm (MUF) as an asset to remove or greatly diminish the obstacles between people and ultra-fresh, ultra-local food produced in most cases right outside the kitchen.  Because we know everyone is different, Pantera Farm offers a wide range of installation and on-going services to meet the varied requests of the people we have the privilege to help.



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Understanding that our clients will range from those with deep experience growing their own food to those with a genuinely brown thumb, we believe having flexibility in our service offering is an absolute imperative.  We are currently working with a small handful of clients locally to develop our full suite of services.  If you would like to know more about how we can help you, we hope you will get in touch using our contact page below.